Intellectual property for media

Intellectual property for media

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Legal Protection of Intellectual Property in the Media, Copyright, and Media Rights

Intellectual property plays an extremely important role in the media, as it recognizes the rights of authors and other creative individuals to their works, ideas applied in the media sphere. Copyright protects the rights of authors to their literary, artistic, scientific, and musical works. In the context of the media, this means that writers, journalists, photographers, and other creative individuals have the right to control the use of their materials and demand compensation for their use without the author’s permission.

Media law concerns the rights of the media (newspapers, television, radio, the internet) and plays a crucial role in regulating the use and dissemination of information, intellectual property, and the right to privacy. Additionally, media law recognizes the public’s right to receive accurate and objective information.

Intellectual property, copyright, and media rights require legal protection because it is a necessary condition for ensuring fair competition and stimulating creativity and innovation in the media sphere. Services for the protection of intellectual property in the media, copyright, and media law provided by experienced lawyers and attorneys at DextraLaw contribute to preserving the intellectual property of authors and provide them with compensation for the unauthorized use of their works. Take advantage of the professional assistance of our specialists, and you will receive high-quality support and reliability of media products, which is crucial for gaining the trust of viewers and consumers. Only by complying with intellectual property legislation in the media can creative potential be preserved and the development of the media industry stimulated.

When Do You Need Legal Assistance?

Protection of copyright for media can be extremely important in several cases when the use of someone else’s materials violates the author’s rights or leads to unfair competition, namely:

  • Information is used without the author’s permission;
  • Rights to photos, videos, music, audio recordings are violated;
  • Intellectual property in the media is used illegally;
  • Plagiarism and unauthorized copying are employed.

Only by having legal rights according to the current copyright and media law can you prohibit third parties from using copyrighted materials and use them personally for profit.

In our country, this area of legal protection is not sufficiently developed. The media business constantly faces numerous risks, which necessitates a more careful approach to your rights.

Responsibility for Violating Media Rights

Today, the media sphere is undergoing reform. The Law of Ukraine “On Media” was adopted, recognizing television, radio, the press, social media, and bloggers. Any media activity must be licensed. The law provides for significant penalties for violations at all stages. For example:

  • For plagiarism, illegal copying, fines can range from 30,000 to 100,000 hryvnias;
  • For non-compliance with rules regarding the publication and distribution of information, administrative sanctions are imposed, and there may be a ban on carrying out a certain type of media activity.
  • For a range of violations in media activities, a person may even be subject to criminal liability.

Ensure legal protection for your media business with the help of our law firm’s attorneys.

Collaboration with DextraLaw – Always Reliable, Professional, and Beneficial!

Our experienced lawyers (attorneys) can offer comprehensive legal support and effective assistance in protecting intellectual property in the media, copyright, and media rights to every client. With years of practical experience in this field and a deep understanding of the legislation, they guarantee:

  • Business-oriented solutions – comprehensive problem-solving with an expanded range of services tailored to meet clients’ needs;
  • Reliability – high-quality legal services;
  • Expertise – our specialists are experts in media law;
  • Individual approach – long-term cooperation is built on the principles of individually executing each client’s order and seeking non-standard solutions;
  • Accessibility – reasonable cost for each service and financial responsibility.

Countless positive reviews from many clients serve as evidence of our fruitful cooperation. One successful project example is the legal support of the film “Let’s Dance!”

DextraLaw lawyers (attorneys) legally registered the rights to the film, its release, and entered into contracts with the authors and actors. The complexity of the work lay in the fact that all legal aspects were handled post-factum. However, our experts excelled in this project.

If your media product generates income, secure its use on a legislative level. We will help protect your copyright and intellectual property in the media, no matter how complex the legal task may be. Submit an application on the website or call the contact phone number.

Questions and Answers

Who is the subject of copyright?

According to current Ukrainian legislation, subjects of copyright include authors of literary, artistic, scientific works, and other artistic creations or their heirs. Additionally, individuals who have received copyright from the author or their heirs can also hold copyright. An author is a natural person who has independently created the respective work.

What are the consequences of copyright infringement?

A copyright infringer bears civil liability. They are obligated to compensate the copyright owner for financial damages and moral harm caused by the unauthorized use of the copyrighted work.

What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the appropriation of someone else’s rights to a work, new development, or discovery, and the use of another person’s work by copying or publishing it for profit without acknowledging the author.

How can copyright be protected?

Copyright protection can be pursued through legal proceedings. The majority of civil cases related to copyright violations are handled by the courts.

– Registering copyright may become necessary when needed, as it provides additional evidence that you are the author of the work and that your rights arose first. This is not a mandatory step, but in disputes over authorship, it can significantly ease the situation and help protect your rights.

– Recording the transfer of property rights to the work through written agreements also holds significant importance. It ensures clarity and uniqueness of the agreement between the parties and helps avoid potential disputes in the future.

– Legal protection is also a crucial aspect of intellectual property, copyright, and media rights. In the event of your rights being violated, you have the right to seek legal action to protect your interests and claim compensation for damages.

Legal protection is a key tool for defense in cases where your rights in the field of intellectual property, copyright, and media rights have already been violated.

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