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Tax law is a specialized area of legal practice that involves working on tax issues and legal aspects of taxation. Tax law practice is carried out by tax lawyers and attorneys who specialize in studying, interpreting, and applying tax legislation to provide legal support to businesses, organizations, and individuals in matters related to taxation.

Services Provided by Our Specialists

Choosing the Optimal Taxation System for Your Business

Choosing the right taxation system is a key step for any business. Tax lawyers or attorneys study the specifics of various tax regimes, consider the possibility of using tax incentives and simplified systems. They provide consultations on choosing the optimal tax regime, allowing businesses to reduce the tax burden and take advantage of available tax regimes.

Consulting on Tax Planning

Tax planning is a strategic approach to managing a company's tax payments. To address this issue, tax attorneys or lawyers offer a comprehensive approach to optimizing the tax burden. They analyze cash flows, optimize transaction structures, develop expense deduction strategies, and ensure compliance with tax legislation requirements. This allows businesses to effectively use resources, reduce tax expenses, and maintain profitability.

Challenging the Results of Tax Audits

Tax audits can cause inconvenience and financial losses for a company. If the results of a tax audit do not correspond to reality or violate the rights of the business, challenging them is necessary.

In such cases, the services of a tax dispute lawyer are required. Qualified specialists act as representatives of the business in interactions with tax authorities and judicial bodies. They investigate tax claims, analyze collected evidence, and develop a challenge strategy. This may include appellate procedures, participation in court hearings, and representation of the company's interests to achieve a fair resolution.

Analysis of Tax Risks for Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs

Analysis of tax risks is an important part of managing tax issues. Legal specialists conduct a comprehensive review of the tax status of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs to identify possible risks and deviations from tax legislation. The results of the analysis help develop a risk reduction strategy and resolve identified tax issues.

Representation of Your Interests in Tax Authorities

A tax law specialist can act as your representative in interactions with tax authorities. They protect the client's interests during audits, investigations, and other tax procedures. They also provide legal support during communication with tax authorities, help resolve disputes, and ensure compliance with your rights.

Transaction Support Regarding Tax Matters

When entering into agreements, especially large and complex ones, tax aspects play a crucial role. A tax lawyer or attorney will analyze the tax consequences of the agreement and develop strategies to ensure the optimal tax structure of the agreement. They can also provide recommendations for minimizing tax risks.

Legal Assistance during Tax Audits

Tax audits can arise at any time, and their results can impact a business's operations. Legal specialists provide qualified support during tax audits, ensuring compliance with procedures and protecting the rights of the business in interactions with tax authorities.

Filing Tax Returns

Timely and accurate filing of tax returns is an essential component of proper taxation. Dextralaw specialists provide consultations on tax reporting, verify its compliance with legislation, and ensure compliance with reporting requirements.

When to Choose a Lawyer and When an Attorney Is Needed

Tax Lawyer:

  • Provides consultations on tax planning and resolution of tax issues;
  • Assists in developing optimal tax strategies for businesses;
  • Conducts analysis of legal aspects of tax obligations;
  • Helps resolve disputes with tax authorities;

Tax Attorney:

  • Represents the client's interests in legal proceedings related to tax matters;
  • Provides legal protection and consultations during tax audits and investigations;
  • Assists in resolving tax disputes in court;
  • Develops strategies for protection against unlawful tax claims.

Our Advantages

Dextralaw provides professional legal services in tax law and offers several advantages:

  • Deep knowledge of tax law specialists;
  • Individual approach;
  • Strategic analysis to minimize tax risks and maximize financial benefits;
  • Reliability and reputation.

A tax lawyer is a strategic partner who will help you achieve optimal tax results and ensure the success of your business.


What tax risks can arise for businesses?

Tax risks include the possibility of tax audits, non-compliance with tax legislation, incorrect tax calculations, violation of rules for the import/export of goods, and much more.

How do taxes affect businesses?

Tax law has a significant impact on businesses, including profit taxation, VAT, excise taxes, and property taxes. A properly configured tax strategy can influence profitability and the financial condition of the enterprise.

How can tax burdens be minimized?

Tax burden minimization can be achieved through an optimal tax strategy, studying tax incentives, and increasing expenses for tax purposes.

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