Development of Competition Compliance

Development of Competition Compliance

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What is Competition Compliance?

In the world of business cooperation and trade, the principle of competitiveness operates, which stimulates efficiency and innovation. In this context, the concept of Competition Compliance, or antimonopoly compliance, arises. This is a system of internal procedures and measures aimed at ensuring compliance of the company’s activities with antimonopoly laws and regulations. Competition Compliance considers aspects such as avoiding abuse of dominant market positions, preventing agreements on restricting competition, and other antimonopoly violations. In accordance with these principles, companies develop and implement strategies to avoid antimonopoly law violations and maintain their competitiveness in the market.

What Competition Compliance Influences and Protects Against

Competition Compliance is a system aimed at compliance with antimonopoly legislation and protection against possible violations. This system:

  • Protects the interests of the company by creating conditions for fair competition in the market.
  • Ensures compliance of the company’s activities with antimonopoly legislation.
  • Reduces the risk of antimonopoly violations, which can lead to significant fines.
  • Protects the company’s reputation by adhering to transparent and ethical standards in fair competition.
  • Determines the legal status of the company and helps to avoid sanctions and lawsuits.

Universal Compliance or Compliance for a Specific Type of Violation under the Competition Law

Implementation of universal compliance or compliance is aimed at identifying and preventing possible violations of the Competition Code. Let’s consider specific aspects of this issue, focusing on certain types of violations and their consequences:

  • Monopoly position. When a company has practically monopolistic control of the market, this may be considered unlawful dominance that restricts competition and violates the law.
  • Anticompetitive concerted actions. If different companies join forces to artificially restrict competition, this also violates antimonopoly rules.
  • Control over concentrations. Violations may arise when firms merge or gain control over other enterprises, thus violating the terms of antimonopoly law.
  • Prevention of unfair competition. This involves taking measures to prevent unfair competition practices and create fair conditions for all market participants.

What Antimonopoly Compliance Typically Includes

Antimonopoly compliance strategy includes elements such as:

  • Development and implementation of a transparent pricing policy to avoid antimonopoly violations and ensure market competitiveness.
  • Regular legal audits, focused on key risk areas, help identify potential antimonopoly issues and develop effective strategies to avoid them.
  • Establishment of an effective system for detecting and responding to violations of competition laws, allowing for prompt response to potential antimonopoly problems.
  • Introduction of positions and development of procedural instruction standards (SOPs) and regulations aimed at ensuring compliance with antimonopoly legislation.
  • Regular training for staff on antimonopoly issues and strategies for detecting and preventing violations.
  • Development and implementation of an effective system for responding to complaints and notifications of potential violations.

Benefits of Cooperation with Dextra Law

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