Medical Practice License: Application Procedure

Medical Practice License: Application Procedure

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Medical Practice License: Application Procedure

Medical practice license is an important legal document allowing healthcare professionals to provide medical services and treat patients. The document is regulated by law and aims to ensure the quality and safety of medical services received by patients.

Obtaining a medical practice license is a complex and responsible process, which includes studying and complying with a number of regulations, passing certain exams and training. The document gives the right to use professional skills to help patients and requires doctors to comply with high standards of medical practice.

List of Required Documents

Applying for a Medical Practice License requires submitting the following documents:

  • Copy of educational diploma.
  • Medical practice license (if available).
  • Additional certificates and qualifications (if available).
  • Documents confirming your experience: employment record book, recommendations from colleagues or other documents.
  • Medical license and healthcare worker registration certificates.
  • Criminal record documents. Usually a certificate of no criminal record or relevant documents confirming no offenses.
  • License application.
  • Color photos for documents.
  • Payment documents confirming payment of license fee and other taxes.
  • Other documents as required by the medical regulatory body.

What business entities can obtain a license?

Medical License can be issued to legal entities such as:

  • Limited Liability Companies (LLC);
  • Private Enterprises (PE);
  • Joint Stock Companies (JSC).

In addition, a medical practice license can be obtained by individual entrepreneurs. It is important to note that license requirements may differ for different business entities and for different types of medical activities.


According to the legislation of Ukraine, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine is the body authorized to issue licenses for medical practice.

What medical licenses can Dextralaw open

Dextralaw specializes in licensing of economic activities for medical practice, providing each client with the following guarantees:

  • Professional expertise. We provide a high level of professional expertise in licensing medical practices and other medical licenses.
  • Individual approach. Our specialists develop individual solutions for each client, taking into account their needs and business specifics.
  • Full support of the process. Dextralaw provides a full range of services: from preparing the necessary documentation to interacting with regulatory authorities.
  • Compliance with legislation. We guarantee that the licensing process complies with all legal requirements and regulations.
  • Speed and efficiency. Our lawyers and attorneys work to maximize the efficiency of the licensing process, helping clients obtain a license quickly and without unnecessary delays.
  • Confidentiality. We guarantee the confidentiality of all data and information of our clients.
  • Support after obtaining a license. We remain in constant contact with clients, provide advice and support after obtaining a license for the further successful operation of the business.

Questions and Answers

What types of medical licenses are there?

There are various types of medical licenses, for example: pharmaceutical activity license, medical practice, diagnostic activity, etc.

What benefits does licensing medical practices have for doctors and medical institutions?

Licensing helps ensure a high standard of quality of medical services, increases patient confidence and contributes to the development of business reputation.

Can a foreigner get a medical license in Ukraine?

Yes, foreign doctors can obtain a license in Ukraine, but they may need an additional qualification recognition procedure.

What are the mandatory steps to restore a medical practice license?

License renewal may include filing certain documents, paying relevant fees, and undergoing inspections.

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