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Mobilization Lawyer

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Mobilization Lawyer in Ukraine

Mobilization lawyer is a legal specialist specializing in issues related to military conscription, military service, and military legislation. Such specialists have deep knowledge of the laws and regulations governing this process and can provide legal advice and assistance to individuals who have questions or problems related to mobilization or military service. Therefore, if you need the assistance of the best legal experts in Ukraine, contact Dextralaw, a company that provides professional services of a mobilization lawyer.

Procedure for Mobilization and What Does a Mobilization Lawyer Do?

In Ukraine, mobilization was announced on March 3, 2022, in connection with the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation. Since then, the conscription for military service has not stopped and continues to this day.

Recruitment offices compile lists of citizens who may be mobilized. Those subject to conscription receive a summons containing information about the date, time, and place to appear at the recruitment office for registration and a medical examination.

After checking the data and providing all the necessary information, citizens undergo a medical examination to determine their fitness for military service. Individuals deemed fit are called up for military service or training in accordance with the legislation and the country’s defense needs.

In some cases, citizens may need the professional assistance of legal specialists. In such cases, you can use the services of a mobilization lawyer who performs the following functions:

  • Legal consultation on the rights and duties of conscripts in the context of mobilization;
  • Appeals and complaints in case of deficiencies in the mobilization procedure;
  • Legal protection of the rights and interests of citizens before military authorities and courts in relevant cases;
  • Providing legal assistance in drafting documents related to mobilization and protecting the rights of citizens.

Received a Summons, What’s Next?

If you have received a summons according to the specified requirements and rules, it is important to follow the established procedures and deadlines. Here are some steps to take next:

  1. Carefully read all the information contained in the summons. It should include the date and time when you should appear at the recruitment office, as well as any other requirements or instructions.
  2. Keep the original summons, as it may be needed for subsequent actions and documentation.
  3. According to the date and time specified in the summons, go to the recruitment office. There, you will be registered, and a medical examination may be conducted.
  4. To determine fitness for military service, a medical examination is required.
  5. If the Medical Commission determines a citizen as fit for military service, be prepared for possible conscription and military service.

In some cases, citizens may have questions or doubts about the conscription procedures or their health condition. In such cases, it is advisable to consider the possibility of consulting a lawyer who specializes in military law. They will provide all the necessary legal assistance and advice to protect the rights of their client.

Passed the Medical Examination, Declared Fit Despite Illness

If a person disagrees with the conclusion of the medical examination, they have the right to challenge it through non-judicial or judicial procedures.

Challenging in an extrajudicial manner involves the following steps:

  1. Filing an application for a review of the decision by a higher-level military medical commission.
  2. Providing all the documents provided by the Medical Commission whose decision is being challenged.
  3. Stating the reasons for reviewing the decision.
  4. You can also provide the results of previous medical examinations.

Challenging in a judicial manner can be used immediately, without resorting to extrajudicial procedures. In this case, you need to submit an application to the district administrative court of your choice. A lawyer for conscription matters will help gather all the necessary documents and protect the rights of their client in case of inadequate medical examination conclusions.

What Are the Responsibilities?

There is no uniform judicial practice regarding the failure of a conscript to attend a medical commission, but most courts uphold the position that in the event of a conscript’s failure to appear (after verifying their registration data and receiving a summons to a medical commission), they may face criminal liability, which could result in imprisonment for 3 – 5 years.

In such situations, professional lawyers for conscripts are extremely important and valuable consultants. Our specialists will provide the necessary legal assistance and support in resolving the situation.

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Dextralaw Legal Company is a reliable and trusted partner that will protect your rights and obligations in any situation. Our advantages include:

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