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Labor and Employment. Migration Law

Dextralaw provides professional legal services in the field of labor law, including consultations on employment and termination of employment contracts, protection of employee rights, resolution of labor disputes, and other aspects related to labor relations. If you need assistance from top specialists, feel free to contact us.

Labor Lawyer

A labor lawyer is a legal expert specializing in legal issues related to labor relations between employers and employees. They possess knowledge of regulatory acts, legislation, and rules governing labor relations, and provide legal support on matters related to hiring, terms of employment, employee rights protection, and other aspects of labor law.

When You Need a Lawyer's Consultation

A labor lawyer provides consultations on the following matters:

  • Execution of employment contracts;
  • Ensuring employee rights;
  • Repayment of debts;
  • Termination of employees with special status;
  • Reduction and restructuring;
  • Reinstatement at work;
  • Payment of wages;
  • Compensation for wages;
  • Annual leaves and self-paid leaves;
  • Disciplinary responsibility;
  • Work schedule;
  • Occupational safety;
  • Responsibility for violation of legislative rules.

Range of Services

A labor attorney provides the following services:

  • Development of employment contracts. Preparation of legally sound documents in compliance with the law that regulate the rights and obligations between the employer and the employee.
  • Human resources documentation audit at the enterprise. Verification and analysis of documents related to personnel accounting to determine compliance with the law and identify possible shortcomings.
  • Development of frameworks for the Labor Inspectorate inspection. Creating a structured set of procedures and tools for verifying compliance with labor law.
  • Responsibility for violating labor law. Provision of consultations and legal support regarding the possible consequences of labor law violations and the development of appropriate response strategies.

Our Advantages

Dextralaw provides qualified legal services in the field of labor law. Our team has deep knowledge and understanding of labor law, allowing us to provide high-quality and accurate legal support. We understand that each client has unique needs, so we offer solutions specially tailored to your situation. Our specialists assist in developing and revising various documents, including employment contracts and corporate policies. We are ready to provide professional consultation on any issue related to labor relations.

Other advantages of collaborating with Dextralaw:

  • Experience and Reputation. Our company has a successful track record in resolving various labor issues and is known as a reliable partner in this field.
  • Employee Rights Protection. We defend the rights of employees and provide legal support in situations related to dismissal, discrimination, wage recovery, and other aspects.
  • Resolution of Labor Disputes. We aim to achieve amicable resolution of disputes and, when necessary, are prepared to represent clients' interests in court hearings.
  • Monitoring Changes in Legislation. We keep track of the latest changes in labor law to always provide up-to-date information and consultations.

Questions and Answers

What is an employment contract, and what information does it typically contain?

An employment contract is a written agreement between an employer and an employee that defines the rights and responsibilities of both parties. It typically contains information about the place of work, employee duties, wages, working hours, and more.

What consequences can employers face for violating labor legislation?

Employers can face various consequences for violating labor legislation, including fines, lawsuits, recovery of debts, and the possibility of reinstating the employee at work.

How does labor legislation affect employee vacations?

Labor legislation establishes rules for granting and regulating employee vacations, including rights to paid and unpaid leaves, procedures for granting them, and record-keeping.

How is wage payment for working hours regulated?

Labor legislation defines minimum wage rates, rules for determining working hours, overtime hours, and regulations for wage payment for special and public holidays.

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