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Migration Law

Migration law is an important branch of law dealing with the movement of people between countries, defining their legal statuses and obligations in a new place of residence. In today's world, where globalization and movement of people between countries are becoming more active, migration law is acquiring special importance. This branch of law regulates a large number of issues, from visa regimes and work permits to refugee status and citizenship.

In this regard, it is important to have access to expert advice and legal assistance in migration issues. And in this context, the Dextra Law legal company acts as a reliable partner for those who need legal assistance in migration issues. Our team are experts in the field of migration law and provide immigration lawyer and immigration attorney consulting services. We have in-depth knowledge of procedures and requirements related to obtaining visas, residence and work permits, citizenship and other migration documents. Our expertise and experience allow us to provide effective assistance in processing migration documents, resolving legal disputes, and protecting the rights and interests of our clients in migration matters.

What tasks does an immigration lawyer solve

An immigration lawyer performs a wide range of tasks and provides legal assistance in various aspects of migration and specific situations. The main tasks solved by this specialist:

  • Assistance in migration. Provides advice and support to individuals planning to migrate to another country or to Ukraine. This may include obtaining a visa, work permit, finding a place to live and other aspects of migration.
  • Obtaining citizenship, renouncing citizenship. Advises and conducts processes for obtaining Ukrainian or other citizenship, as well as cases of renouncing citizenship.
  • Issuance of invitation, visa. Helps with issuing invitations for foreigners and obtaining a visa to enter the country.
  • Obtaining permanent residence permit, permanent residence permit, citizenship. Provides legal support in obtaining a temporary residence permit, a permanent residence permit on a permanent basis and citizenship.
  • Support for concluding/dissolving a marriage with a foreigner. Helps resolve issues related to marriage or divorce with a foreigner, including paperwork.
  • Registration (registration) of a foreigner. Helps foreigners officially register in Ukraine, which is extremely important for legal stay.
  • Obtaining a work permit. Provides support in obtaining a work permit for foreigners planning to work in Ukraine.
  • Registration/support of non-resident business. Helps foreign companies and investors in arranging a business and obtaining necessary permits.
  • Apostille, consular legalization, notarized translation of documents. Provides legalization and translation of documents required for immigration procedures.
  • Obtaining a tax ID number for a foreigner. Helps foreigners obtain a tax ID number in Ukraine.
  • Registration/confirmation of citizenship of children. Resolves issues regarding the citizenship of children, especially if the parents are citizens of different countries.
  • Extension of stay in Ukraine/work permit. Provides legal support on extending periods of stay in Ukraine or obtaining work permits.

If the immigration issue goes beyond the administrative process, an Immigration Lawyer comes to the rescue, whose main tasks are:

  • representation in litigation;
  • criminal cases;
  • judicial appeals;
  • protection of client's rights and interests.

In many cases, immigration lawyers and attorneys can work together to provide full legal support in immigration matters. The decision on when an immigration lawyer or attorney is needed depends on the specific situation.

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