Registration and legal advice of IT companies

Registration and legal advice of IT companies

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Registration and legal advice of IT companies in Ukraine, Kyiv

Starting an IT company in Kyiv or any other city of Ukraine requires legal competencies from the owners to correctly determine the form of business organization, the optimal taxation system and other equally important issues. If you do not have enough knowledge, we recommend that you contact DEXTRA LAW’s professional lawyers to help you resolve these issues in the legal field, avoiding problems with the tax authorities and the possibility of fines.

How to start an IT company in Ukraine?

DEXTRA LAW Firm provides comprehensive services for starting an IT company on a turnkey basis, contributing to its successful development in every possible way. Of course, you should understand that mistakes are inevitable in business, including in the IT sector. However, by enlisting the support of professionals who have already helped hundreds of successful and profitable businesses to open, you minimize the possibility and quality of mistakes.

Before starting an IT company in Ukraine, we recommend that you focus on the following important issues:

1.         What will be the form of ownership, the model of the IT company: LLC or sole proprietorship? If sole proprietorship, will it be based on service agreements or an open space model? Is it possible to set up an LLC with official employment of all employees, obtaining a special Diia.City regime and the lowest risk of fines? An LLC can be a 5% single taxpayer or choose to pay income tax and VAT. Or you may be interested in working with freelancers until the tax authorities find out.

2.         Where do you plan to find clients? Do you want to focus only on the Ukrainian market or is there an opportunity to go international to have more opportunities?

3.         Type of company: outsourcing or product? Outsourcing offers opportunities for professional development, project changes, and testing new technologies, but requires the employment of several specialists. A product company can be a single specialist, but it focuses on one technology and one level of knowledge.

Today, an IT company in Ukraine is a profitable and promising business that has less competition than in Europe or the United States, but the opportunities for entering the international market and receiving orders are enormous. DEXTRA LAW Firm provides comprehensive services for setting up an IT company on a turnkey basis: assesses risks, develops an optimal model for your business, registers an IT company, helps with opening a legal entity, drafts agreements, contracts, and provides consulting assistance.

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