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Antitrust Legal Services to Protect Your Business

Competition in the modern market is a necessary condition for continuous development in the field of economic activity. Both the business and the state as a whole require the organization of a system to ensure fair competition in accordance with the norms of the law and competition rights.

Antitrust and competition law are regularly violated nowadays. This is a pressing issue for all countries with a market economy, and Ukraine is no exception. Business entities often encounter contentious situations arising from unfair competition and market monopolies. Typically, a dispute can be successfully resolved through legal proceedings, but it is more effective to appeal to the Antimonopoly Committee. No matter the category and complexity level of the contentious situation, it is very challenging to regulate it independently. Therefore, you cannot do without the help of an antitrust lawyer. By turning to the DextraLaw legal company, you will avail antitrust legal services at a reasonable price. Moreover, the company will assist not only with the issue of dishonesty but also when the business plans to buy, sell, acquire, or create other businesses, necessary analysis for obtaining the approval of the Antimonopoly Committee before carrying out such transactions is required. If the analysis confirms the necessity of permission, this AMCU concentration permission is mandatory. Implementing a transaction without obtaining such approval can duly complicate the situation and lead to the imposition of million-dollar fines on the business. Overall, the support of a qualified antitrust lawyer can help the business avoid violating the legislation and ensure fair competition in the market.

When the Help of an Experienced Specialist is Needed

The basis for appealing to the Antimonopoly Committee can be any violations in the field of market competition organization. Actions that qualify as unfair competition include:

  • The use of brand identifiers, including advertising, trademark, packaging design, or commercial name of another company.
  • Selling the manufacturer's goods under another brand designation.
  • Copying product design.
  • Violation when creating comparative advertising.
  • Collection, use, and disclosure of trade secrets.
  • Discrediting the reputation of a competitor company.

To protect your rights and ensure the accountability of an unfair competitor, a lawyer (attorney) specializing in antitrust law from the DextraLaw legal company will assist you. Our specialist has vast experience in this field and knows the legal basis perfectly. We guarantee each client quality services at an attractive price and excellent results.

Antitrust and Competition Law: The Assistance Provided by a DextraLaw Lawyer

Our company cooperates with individual entrepreneurs and legal entities of any organizational-legal types of economic activity. We can not only protect you from unfair competition but also provide reliable legal support for your business. The list of services that can be ordered at DextraLaw includes:

  • Conducting analysis and developing business models according to competition and antitrust legislation;
  • Consultations in the sphere of antitrust control of merger/acquisition agreements;
  • Consultations on issues of competition law and antitrust management;
  • Consultations on issues of sectoral regulation and advertising legislation;
  • Resolution of unfair competition disputes, specifically, the use of misleading or comparative advertising;
  • Filing applications for conducting investigations to cease unfair competition;
  • Compliance control for adherence to competition law requirements;
  • Obtaining permits for concentrations and coordinated actions;
  • Obtaining preliminary conclusions from the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine regarding future transactions;
  • Ensuring the protection of clients' interests during antimonopoly investigations;
  • Representation in the AMCU and participation in negotiations;
  • Representation in court proceedings.

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Why It's Worth Seeking the Help of Professionals

It's quite complex for a business entity to understand all the nuances of the competitive and antimonopoly environment. The study of a large number of regulatory acts requires time, and the appeal period is relentlessly shrinking, risking being missed. Equally important is the proper composition of the complaint, as there are specific requirements for its content and form. Also, the appropriate administrative fee needs to be paid. Filing a complaint regarding jurisdiction requires correct actions, moreover, it is necessary to be present during its consideration. Our antitrust lawyer will help you successfully navigate these complexities.

DextraLaw always acts in the interests of the client. Collaborating with our legal company guarantees a positive outcome and reliable protection for your business. Submit a request online or call us.

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