Obtaining a Work Permit for Foreigners in Ukraine

Obtaining a Work Permit for Foreigners in Ukraine

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Obtaining a Work Permit for Foreigners in Ukraine

In today’s globalized world with increasing mobility, obtaining a work permit for foreigners has become highly relevant. Ukraine, being an attractive destination for foreign workers, opens its doors to those seeking new opportunities and wanting to realize their potential in our country. The process of obtaining a work permit becomes a crucial step for foreigners who intend to join the Ukrainian labor market.

Documents Required for Obtaining a Work Permit in Ukraine

Obtaining a work permit in Ukraine for foreigners involves several stages and requires a specific set of documents. The primary steps in this process include submitting an application and the necessary documents to the State Employment Service of Ukraine.

  • The main documents usually required include:
  • A completed and signed application addressed to the State Employment Service of Ukraine.
  • A copy of the main pages of the passport confirming personal details and registration information.
  • A document confirming the presence of health insurance.
  • Copies of documents confirming the qualifications and education of the applicant.

If the foreigner has prior work experience, relevant documents should also be provided.

Who Issues Work Permits for Foreign Citizens in Ukraine?

Work permits for foreign citizens in Ukraine are issued by the State Employment Service of Ukraine. The processing time for obtaining a permit may depend on specific circumstances, but typically, this process takes between 7 to 20 working days.

For What Duration Can Foreigners Obtain a Work Permit in Ukraine?

A work permit can be issued for a specific duration, usually depending on the type of work and other factors. Typically, the validity period of a work permit can range from one to three years, but it can be extended if there are valid reasons to do so.

What Is the Procedure for Extending a Work Permit?

Extending a work permit in Ukraine for foreigners is an important step when the previous permit is about to expire. The extension procedure includes the following steps:

  • Document collection. The foreigner should submit an application for permit extension well in advance of its expiration date. Along with the application, documents supporting the conditions for extension should be provided.
  • Medical examination. Some cases may require a medical examination, which can be part of the work permit extension procedure.
  • Payment. The foreigner should pay the prescribed fee for extending the work permit.
  • Application review. The State Employment Service of Ukraine reviews the submitted application and documents to determine compliance with the criteria for permit extension.

What Are the Requirements for Salary to Obtain a Work Permit in Ukraine?

Regarding salary requirements for obtaining a work permit in Ukraine, the chosen profession or position must align with general standards. Typically, the salary should not be lower than the average wage level for the relevant category of workers in Ukraine. This can be determined by relevant authorities, taking into account market conditions and industry specifics.

It is also essential to consider that changes in salary during the permit’s validity period can affect the possibility of its extension, and the foreigner should inform the relevant authorities of such changes.

In What Cases Are Work Permits Revoked?

Some of the most common reasons for permit revocation include:

  • Violation of work conditions. If a foreigner breaches the terms specified in the work permit, such as working in a different position or for a different company, the permit may be revoked.
  • Unjustified termination of the employment contract. If an employee prematurely terminates their employment contract without valid reasons, it may lead to permit revocation.
  • Violation of migration rules. If a foreigner violates the rules of stay in Ukraine, including the failure to submit documents for the extension of stay or work, their permit may be revoked.

What Risks Do Companies Face for Employing Foreigners Without Proper Work Permits in Ukraine?

Companies employing foreigners without obtaining proper work permits in Ukraine may encounter several significant issues:

  • Legal consequences: sanctions, fines, and other legal repercussions.
  • Revocation of the work permit.
  • Damage to the company’s reputation.

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