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Tax Planning

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Tax Planning

Tax planning at the enterprise is an important component of successful financial management for any company. This process includes the analysis, assessment and optimization of tax obligations related to the business in order to reduce tax costs and maximize profitability. Proper tax planning helps businesses manage finances efficiently, reduce tax risk, and comply with legislation. Regardless of the size of the company, industry, and type of activity, tax planning can become a powerful tool for achieving financial success.

Choosing the optimal tax system for your business

One of the key steps in tax planning is choosing the optimal tax system for your business. The choice of tax system affects the level of tax costs and the financial condition of the company.

Tax planning for individuals:

  • Personal income tax. This tax system applies to the income of individuals received as a result of entrepreneurial activity. It may be optimal for freelancers and self-employed.
  • Value added tax (VAT). If you are engaged in trade or services, it is advisable to consider the VAT tax system.

Tax planning for legal entities

  • Simplified tax system. Suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises and usually has lower tax requirements.
  • General tax system. For medium and large enterprises, the general tax system may be more optimal due to the large volume of transactions and the complexity of accounting.
  • Wholesale tax system. Applies to certain types of activities and can help reduce tax pressure.
  • Special tax regimes. Some business sectors can take advantage of special tax regimes that reduce tax pressure.

Tax planning consulting

Tax planning for a business owner is a complex and important part of financial management that can significantly affect the financial condition of both individuals and legal entities. Optimal tax planning helps reduce tax pressure and maximize profitability, as well as comply with all legislative requirements.

The Dextra Law team offers tax planning consulting for enterprise activities aimed at optimizing tax obligations and reducing risks. Our experienced lawyers and tax law specialists are ready to provide you with an individual approach and advice on choosing the optimal tax system, tax benefits, accounting, and other aspects of tax planning.

Dextra Law offers a number of advantages guaranteed to each client:

  • Experience and expertise. Our team includes experienced lawyers and tax law specialists with diverse experience in various business areas.
  • Individual approach. We understand that each client and each business is unique. Therefore, we provide an individual approach to each task and develop a strategy that meets your needs.
  • Professionalism and quality. We strive for the highest standards of professionalism and quality in providing our services. We always adhere to best practices and legal requirements.
  • Comprehensive approach. Dextra Law specialists offer a wide range of legal services, including company registration, tax planning consulting, accounting and other services.
  • Customer focus. We always put our clients’ interests first and strive to provide them with the best service.
  • Long-term cooperation. We care about long-term relationships with our clients and are ready to be your legal advisers throughout the development of your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can tax planning help a business reduce tax risk?

Tax planning helps identify optimal tax strategies, utilize tax benefits, and reduce tax expenses, which helps reduce tax risk and retain more profit.

What are the benefits of registering a legal entity compared to sole proprietorship?

Registering a legal entity provides legal status, ability to conduct business activities, acquire rights and obligations before the law, as well as access to various tools and benefits for entrepreneurs.

How can tax pressure on a business be reduced?

This is possible by choosing the optimal tax system, using tax benefits, optimizing tax liabilities, and other tax planning strategies.

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